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Our Content May Look Like It’s All Fun & Games on The Surface

But its underlying structure leverages psychology, analytics, SEO, and years of experience to excite, guide, build trust, and persuade readers to take action.

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It All Started When

Hypist was founded by award-winning content writer, Mandy Wallace. It started the way so many dream careers do—as a hobby that quickly morphed into a business.

“Blogging isn't a real job,” they said. “You're going to hear crickets,” they said. “It takes years to build an audience,” they said.

But in 2014, Mandy launched an online community for new writers anyway. Mostly just to prove everyone wrong.

Within three months, the community had grown to 60k monthly page views. Soon after, her email list grew to 8.9k subscribers. Readers voted her one of the 100 Best Websites for Writers and shared her articles over a quarter million times.

She was also teaching future New York Time’s bestselling author, Tomi Adeyemi, how to write for an online audience and leverage her blog into a writing career.


Mandy was the only blogger who managed to get me back to her site every week. She’s wonderful to work with. I can’t recommend her enough!
— Tomi Adeyemi, New York Times Bestselling Author


Since Then

Mandy has published in numerous online and print publications —from newspaper articles and magazine features to book reviews and digital marketing content in between.

Over time, Mandy learned she loved working with businesses more—helping them to achieve the successes and numbers she earned, build audiences, attract leads, and convert those leads into customers.

Content writer pointing to his content strategy on paper.

Hypist Is The Culmination of That Success

We’re a content and digital marketing company that generates and converts leads. Writing for an online audience—and writing to sell—demands its own style and techniques.

Mandy and her small team of content specialists leverage their skills and experience to get results and move the needle in your business.

We focus on empowering businesses with what they need to get results in their digital marketing efforts. We care about quality, reliability, and returns that increase your revenue for less work and headache.

We want the work we do together to make an impact.



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