How This Nonprofit Increased Email Subscribers 21% with a Digital Marketing Update

Infographic covering data from Writers of Kern’s successful content marketing strategy.

We were doing the same old, same old and getting the same results. Now we have a fresh look, new volunteers are coming in, and our email subscribers have increased 21%.
— Annis Cassells, Writers of Kern Board Member

Nonprofit professional association, Writers of Kern, supports new and published writers with monthly workshops, an annual conference, mentorships, and publication opportunities.

They understand the ins and outs of the fiction writing field, but when it comes to content and digital marketing standards that work today, they were in the same boat as many nonprofits and small businesses—struggling to keep up with the rapid changes.



Writers of Kern’s marketing cadence had always worked well for them in the past.

Their team wrote and published monthly press releases to promote events. They submitted their events to community event spaces online. And they kept their website event page up to date.

But they found their efforts were reaching the same crowd each month—a crowd that continued to shrink.

“We kept doing the same old same, old and getting the same old results,” said Annis Cassells, Publicity Chair and board member at Writers of Kern.

It wasn’t their fault.

Newspaper readership declines more each year and fewer community event pages show up in search results. So Writers of Kern’s press releases and events listings, which had always worked in the past, were no longer producing results.


Writers of Kern knew they needed to update their marketing strategy if they were going to grow their membership. That’s when they reached out to Mandy Wallace, owner of content marketing company, Hypist.

Hypist overhauled the Writers of Kern website with an updated design, optimized its pages and content for the search engines, restructured site pages to conform to industry best practices, and wrote web copy that appeals directly to Writers of Kern’s ideal member.

“I focused on those key elements that would attract a wider audience to Writers of Kern’s site and convert their new visitors into subscribers on the spot—everything that would bring Writers of Kern up to date and make them instantly relevant with a younger crowd,” said Mandy Wallace.

Mandy and her team also created an email funnel that captures more of the new site visitors Writers of Kern has seen since Hypist redesigned their website.


The increased visibility from their digital marketing efforts has improved things at Writers of Kern.

“We’re getting volunteers now,” said Annis. The volunteers are saving the board time.

Restructuring their site pages to fit industry best practices and securing a series of authoritative links has also landed Writers of Kern a coveted position on Google: searches for their brand return multiple sitelinks from their menu in an organized layout.

They also now dominate the first page of Google for their brand and for local searches about writing.  

Writers of Kern’s updated digital marketing strategy earned them royalty status on Google—first page results and multiple sitelinks to their pages.

Writers of Kern’s updated digital marketing strategy earned them royalty status on Google—first page results and multiple sitelinks to their pages.


Since the website overhaul and content marketing restrategization, Writers of Kern has also seen an increase in authoritative sites linking to them, which boosted their search rankings and traffic even more. 

Even better, their email list is up 21%.

“We finally feel like we're making some headway,” said Annis.


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