What Is Content Marketing? And Why Your Business Needs It.

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What Is Content Marketing?

Here’s the quick and dirty version.

Content marketers create and distribute things like blog posts, social media posts, videos, podcasts, ebooks, and reports to attract an audience and transform that audience into paying customers.

Content marketing is the same as traditional marketing, because it builds familiarity and trust with your audience. Better, it leverages changes in the marketplace—changes in technology and customer expectations—that affect where your audience is now and how they like to get information. 

For most successful businesses, content marketing is just the practical response to this reality. But this shift in marketing practices benefits your business in numerous powerful ways.

Here are seven of the biggest.

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Why You Need Content Marketing

01 / Increased Site Traffic = Increased Revenue

Content done right brings leads to your site and converts those leads into customers.

How many visitors do you need?

For most brands and businesses, 10k monthly website visitors divides the winning businesses from the losing.

“Nearly 80% of companies not meeting their revenue goals attract 10,000 monthly website visitors or less. For those exceeding their revenue goals, 70% report attracting more than 10,000 visitors per month.” —Hubspot

How many monthly visitors does your website attract right now?


02 / Content Marketing Ensures You Stay Top of Mind

Yes, your lead saw your ad last month when she realized she needed what you offer.

Now that she’s ready to make a purchase, will she remember you?

If your content marketing is on point, that answer will be yes. Timely, automated emails or addictive social media posts remind her you’re out there, ensuring your business is top of mind when she’s ready to buy.


03 / Potential Customers judge you by your content

“90% of searchers haven’t made their mind up about a brand before starting their search.” —Status Labs

Your customers use your website, social media, and online reviews to make decisions about you. Taking control of the story they get about your brand or business means taking control of this content.

A few bad reviews can destroy your business. And, let’s face it, angry voices are those most likely to leave a review in the first place or share a negative experience on social media.

Left unchecked, this can all too easily lead to a skewed perspective of your brand—even when most of your customers leave happy.

A skilled content marketing strategy ensures reviews that show up in the search results return the accurate view.

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04 / Content marketing doesn’t feel like marketing (And That’s the Point)

Audiences hate to be marketed to. In fact, studies show that if it looks or feels like an ad, our eye tends to glide over it—which is probably why traditional marketing is less and less effective.

Skilled content marketers employ an arsenal of techniques to overcome your customer’s unconscious resistance to traditional marketing.

At its most basic level, these techniques shift the focus away from the business’s desire to sell and onto serving, instead, what the customer wants and needs (diabolical, isn’t it?).

Content marketing feels less promotional than traditional marketing because it is. Content marketing that provides guidance, solutions, and inspiration is more likely to connect with your ideal customer.


05 / Builds Your Credibility & Authority

Your online presence isn’t just for looks. It’s your chance to demonstrate your expertise.

So tell your audience how to use your product. Share tips about where to find it. Give a sneak peek of how it’s made. This way, potential customers get the firsthand look at what you offer. And they know they can trust you.


06 / Easier to Automate Lead Generation and Conversion (Which Saves You Time)

“80% of marketers using automation software generate more leads.” —LinkedIn

It’s possible to warm up and convert virtually unlimited customers with just one automated sales funnel.

Online sales funnels can answer common questions, explain how a product works, and share testimonials from happy customers. Then it can send you only those leads who are most ready to buy—all on autopilot.

Eliminating tire kickers and time wasters saves time. Plus automation means less hands-on work for you and your team. Content marketing makes this process easy and efficient.


07 / Greater Return on Investment

If your business relies on traditional marketing, you’re throwing money away.

It turns out content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and is 3x more effective. That’s because most people under 50 get their news from online sources instead of traditional print and TV news.

In fact, according to Pew Research, the number of people reading the newspaper or watching TV news drops significantly each year. Which means businesses that pay to advertise in these spaces are talking to an empty room.

This is especially true if your customers are 49 and under.


Still Unsure About Content Marketing?

Someone else reading this probably is too. Share your content marketing challenges in the comments. We might have a helpful idea for you both.