Which of These Describes Your Website? + See Where You Rank

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05 / No Website at All

(aka: The Kiss of Death ☠️)

The worst kind of website is no website at all.

Maybe you’re just late to the party. Or maybe you just aren’t sure where to start with this whole technology slash modern marketing thing. But if you don’t get online soon, people are going to wonder if you exist at all.

If you’ve run this long on referrals and word of mouth alone, imagine what you could do with the 20x increase in business an optimized website could bring.

Recommendations: Get a website. Fast.

04 / The Brochure Website

It may be ugly. It may be simple. And, if you’re honest, it has about as much info as your basic print brochure. But, hey, at least you have a website.

That means when people go to look for you online, you show up. And anyone who is highly motivated can use it to find you.

Recommendations: Invest in a few case studies to demonstrate your expertise and convert leads into customers.

03 / The Kitchen Sink Website

You knew you needed a website, and you have one. But you don’t really know why it’s important or quite what’s supposed to be on it.

That’s probably why you just threw everything about your company up on the homepage and hoped something would stick enough to draw a visitor in.

The site’s probably run by a few different staff members, none of whom feel comfortable or confident using the overwhelm of options. The site never really feels “done” because there’s always something out of place. And you spend more staff hours troubleshooting issues than you know you should have to.

Still, your site is doing more good than not. And it will be worth it once the staff gets a little bit better acquainted with how it works.

Recommendations: Find out exactly where your site stands and what to improve with a website audit.

02 / The Well-Designed Money Pit

Your site looks good. All the elements are there. The design reflects your brand, and it’s pleasant to be on. On the surface, this site looks like money well spent—but it’s a showpiece.

It isn’t attracting traffic from the search engines. And what visitors it manages to attract just don’t seem to convert into actual, paying customers.

Recommendations: Attract and convert more leads with a basic content marketing strategy.

01 / The Customer Conversion Machine

This is the jackpot of all websites. Your site not only attracts interested visitors in droves everyday, it converts them into paying customers—all on autopilot.

Older blog posts here compound, increasing the number of visitors they bring in from the search engines over time. Several of your posts have gone viral, pushing a noticeable uptick in social media followers and email subscribers each time. Systems are streamlined and analytics reflect an upward trend on all fronts. Well done.

Recommendations: Keep the party going with a few client success stories that convert or viral blog posts that increase traffic.

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