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Online Group Training | How to Write for an Online Audience

Your online content faces stiff competition. Uncounted ads and social media distractions. Eye strain from computer and device screens. Busy readers. And marketing fatigue.

Mediocre content just can’t cut through all that noise.

Content that performs well has a few important things in common. It’s:

01 / Scannable

Online readers are really skimmers. Making your content easy to scan—using descriptive headlines, subheads, and other techniques—draws readers in.

02 / Surrounded by White Space

Computer and device screens strain the eye. That’s one reason traditional writing styles (and their visually dense text) rarely perform well here. Breaking up sentences + paragraphs = more readable content.

0/3 Brief

Distractions abound online. To make an impact, content has to say more in fewer words.

0/4 Brims with Personality

Readers want to feel like they’re connecting with a real person on the other side of the screen. The more your content and writing sounds like a real person, the better it performs.

Good to know: it’s possible to convey personality and maintain a professional tone.

0/5 Uses Powerful Calls to Action

What specific action do you want your visitor to take after they read your new white paper, website cover page, or email?

Great content never leaves a visitor guessing. It tells them exactly what to do next in compelling language using clear calls to action.

In our group training, How to Write for an Online Audience, we’ll cover how to pack your content with these high-performing fundamentals.

Check back for schedule + enrollment details.